Welcome. I'm Karen.

I was afflicted by wanderlust at a young age. I've always been filled with the urge to discover and travel the world. 

At 18, weeks after high school graduation, I embarked on my first solo journey to the Provence region in France (not without a jaunt to Rome and Tunisia along the way), spending the summer on an archaeological dig and traveling the region with a daypack and single change of clothes. Later that same year, I announced -- rather matter of fact to my parents -- that I was quitting college after first semester freshman year and moving back to France.

I spent the subsequent years living in Paris, working and studying (finishing my B.A. at the University of Michigan a year after that), traveling throughout Europe, Africa, and the Near East.  Throughout the remainder of my 20s, I traveled and worked in New York and throughout Europe.

I returned to Michigan in 2003 and pursued photography single-mindedly.  I've spent the last 17 years as an award-winning photographer, working for retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Matilda Jane and serving celebrities, athletes, and top model and commercial agencies in Chicago, LA, and New York. I've served literally thousands of clients.

Recently, I began curating my vast body of travel fine art photographs, which feels like having tea and cookies with a cherished, old friend. It was then that I decided to share this work with the world and pursue creating more. I remain available for local and destination wedding and portrait commissions and look forward to adding to my fine art portfolio at the same time.

I currently live with my husband, teenage son, and our crazy dog, in South Lyon, MI. I travel far and wide.

My Approach.

I once thought as a child that I would spend my life traveling to every possible square inch of the Earth. As an adult, I realized the absurdity of that dream.  And then I quickly got to work achieving it . . .

Always fascinated by the question "What's beyond the bend?" and "What's it's like over there?" I use my lens to document the beauty of the world as our mind's eye -- and heart -- perceive it. Often, I photograph in the moment and name the image in retrospect. One of the greatest joys is researching the image and learning so many diverse elements of history, geography, art, and the world.

Striking composition, precision lighting, harmonious balance, and exquisite technical execution are emblematic of my time as a seasoned master artist.  

I aim to translate my view of the world as I experience it : honest and raw, benevolent and full of grace.

I create artwork that distills a mood and message.  I love both color and black and white, clean minimalism as well as enveloping complexity. I spend hours honing detail, dynamic range, contrast, and color. I have a penchant for square presentation as I find those compositions balanced and taut.

I literally obsess about quality production : the intensity of the ink, the way paper feels to the touch, how light dances along as it moves. I've spent years sourcing exact materials and processes to create a premium work of fine art I'm proud to sign. It is my hope that each piece will bring you renewed joy and discovery at each viewing while standing the test of time.

Join me on my journey to portray our rich, genuine world in its full splendor and delight in a story told through photographic art.

If you have questions or interest in particular works, please be in touch.