Paris Black & White

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Anticipated Ascent Paris

Anticipated Ascent (1:1)

View from beneath the storied Eiffel Tower in September 2014. Using a wide-angle lens 16mm lens to distort the crowd below gives a sense of reaching up in anticipation.

La Coupole Brasserie Paris

La Coupole (1:1)

The famed "les annies folies" brasserie opened at the tail end of the belle epoque and during the roaring twenties, in 1927. The motion of the bicyclist captures the energy still flowing through. Also available in color.

Avenue de l'Observatoire Paris

Avenue de l'Observatoire (2:3)

Woman approaching the Avenue toward the Jardins du Luxembourg. I lived at no. 23 in 1993-94. The other side of the building opens onto the Blvd. St. Michel, or "Boul Mich," a hub of Paris city life.

La Madeleine Steps Paris

La Madeleine Steps (1:1)

View down Rue Royale toward Place de la Concorde from the top steps of l'Eglise de la Madeleine at dusk. We attended Vivaldi's Four Seasons this evening; Mozart's Requiem here in 1994.

Boulangerie Saint Michel Paris

Boulangerie Saint Michel (1:1)

View down Rue de la Huchette, in the 6ème Arr., the Latin Quarter famous for la Sorbonne, narrow cobblestone pedestrian streets, the student quarter, and lively Greek restaurants.

Eiffel Ascent Eiffel Tower Paris

Eiffel Ascent (2:3)

View of Paris rooftops in miniature in the 8ème Arr. through the iron grid as we ascend the Eiffel Tower. Also available in color.

Le Louvre des Antiquaires Paris

Le Louvre des Antiquaires (2:3)

Strong leading lines and geometric pattern along Rue de Rivoli and Place du Palais Royale and the north side of the Louvre. Houses more than 250 chic jewelry and antique shops.

Louvre Askew Eiffel Tower Paris

Louvre Askew (1:1)

Upward view of the Eiffel Tower as the morning light pours through. Awaiting our ascent on the Champ de Mars on a crisp September morning 2014.

Bouqinistes (2:3)

Famed art stands on the quais along the Seine River. The dance of shadow and reflective light on the pieces d'art and the playful imperfect pattern delights me in this image.

Tour d'Enfants Jardin du Luxembourg Paris

Tour d'Enfants (2:3)

Children playing on a "tour-like" structure in the Ludo Jardin in the Jardin du Luxembourg. We traveled 4,000 miles to spend inordinate amount of time with our 6 y.o. son on two separate days.

La Butte de Montmartre Sacré Coeur Paris

La Butte de Montmartre (2:3)

View of Sacré Coeur atop the hilltop in Montparnasse, Paris's highest point, at dusk on a busy Saturday evening, September 2014.

Île de la Cité Paris

Île de la Cité (1:1)

View of Pont Neuf, Paris's oldest bridge, La Sainte Chapelle spire, Bâteaux Mouches passing beneath the bridge, and tony apartments on la Paris's larger of two island in the Seine. Also available in color.

L'Oiseau du Louvre Paris

L'Oiseau du Louvre (2:3)

A solitary bird sits along the ridge of the Louvre in the morning. September 2014. This image features significant intentional noise / grain.

La Ville Lumière Paris

La Ville Lumière (2:3)

A view from Montmartre of an ornate light over the skyline of Paris in the City of Lights. Also available in color.

Le Sénat, Le Samedi Paris

Le Sénat, Le Samedi (2:3)

I've spent many a Saturday morning bundled up, sipping tea, and studying in the Jardins du Luxembourg with le Sénat building (Palais de Luxembourg) in the background. A popular destination for Parisians and visitors alike. Also available in color.

Perfect Pyramids Paris

Perfect Pyramids (2:3)

I.M. Pei glass pyramid superimposed over Louis XIV's design of the Louvre. Contrast of old and new. Perfect balance of modern and classical, memories and hopes. 2014. Also available in color.

Les Péniches Paris

Les Péniches (1:1)

Houseboats and personal barges line the Port Debilly just southwest of the Eiffel Tower. Houseboats and achor spaces are a historically and still-coveted way to live in and experience the city.

Louvre Old and New Paris

Louvre Old and New (2:3)

A view of the original Louis XIV Louvre museum opened in 1793 through I.M. Pei's 1983 glass pyramid addition. The balance of geometry and flowing curve accentuates the standards of design.

Louvre Askew Paris

Louvre Askew (2:3)

A slightly off balance view of the Louvre courtyard. September 2014. This image features significant intentional noise / grain.

Louis XIV Paris

Louis XIV (2:3)

Carved from a single block of carrera marble by Bernini in ~1677, the Sun King rejected it for its intended placement at Versailles, but conceded it could be altered and placed at the Louvre.

Under the Bridge Paris

Under the Bridge (1:1)

Birds take flight over the Seine as we approach Paris's oldest bridge, Pont Neuf on a serene September day. 2014.

Sacré Cœur Dog Walk Paris

Sacré Cœur Dog Walk (1:1)

A standard routine with an extraordinary view (does the dog know how lucky he is)? Dusk at the Montmartre icon just as the street lamps flicker on.

Denon Hall Louvre Paris

Denon Hall Louvre Atrium (2:3)

Soft, filtered light streams to light the Denon Hall, which leads to the famous Mona Lisa at the Louvre. September 2014. Also available in color.

Pavillion de Flore Paris

Pavillion de Flore (2:3)

The iconic anchor of the Louvre as seen from on approach on the Seine. Its ornate grandeur impresses from every angle.

Place de la Concorde Paris

Place de la Concorde (2:3)

View from the steps of l'Église de la Madeleine down Rue Royale to Place de la Concorde, l'Obelisk de Luxour, and l'Assemblée Nationale (congressional house). Moments before entering the church to hear Vivialdi's Four Seasons.

Pont Royal Musée d'Orsay Paris

Pont Royal at Musée d'Orsay (2:3)

View from the boat along the Seine as we approach Pont Royal, the third oldest bridge (behind Pont Neuf and the short-lived Pont Marie both built in the 17th century) toward Musée d'Orsay.

Prunes Rouge Paris

Prunes Rouge (2:3)

Striking contrast, shape, and texture at a 6ème Arr. outdoor fruit market. The same market from which I selected fruit and daily treats living in Paris 30 years ago. Also available in color.

Pont Neuf Paris

Pont Neuf (2:3)

View of Pont Neuf, the Conciergerie, Sainte-Chapelle, and a glimpse of Nôtre Dame in the center skyline. The bright limestone contrast with the dark trees and shadows under the bridge draw me back again and again.

Sacré Cœur Fog Paris

Sacré Cœur Fog (1:1)

The iconic catholic church at the peak of Montmartre in the morning fog. It's difficult not to photograph the building askew because there's not much room to move back. The symmetry is striking.

Quai François Mitterrand Paris

Quai François Mitterrand (1:1)

The linear vertical lines of the Louvre contrast agains the soft curve of the road along the quai. September 2014.

Un Seul Bâteau Paris

Un Seul Bâteau (2:3)

A solitary boat breaks from the fleet. Children revel in becoming Les Voiliers by sailing vintage wood sailboats at the octagonal Grand Basin at the Jardin du Luxembourg in front of the Palais de Luxembourg. Also available in color.

Académie des Beaux-Arts Paris

Académie des Beaux-Arts (1:1)

Gates filled in with the Locks of Love movement in front of the Académie des Beaux-Arts from the quai, just before crossing Pont des Arts.

The Garden Secret Paris

The Garden Secret (2:3)

A solitary alabaster white statue hidden behind a tall row of foliage at the corner of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Quai Promenade Paris

Quai Promenade (1:1)

Relaxing along the Quai des Grands Augustins near Nôtre Dame on a crisp September Saturday afternoon.

L'Acteur Grèc Paris

L'Acteur Grèc (2:3)

Nestled in the tall grand horse chestnut trees of the eastern part of Jardin du Luxembourg. One of many jardin sculptures and statues.

Louvre Courtyard Corner Paris

Louvre Courtyard Corner (2:3)

The strong leading lines of the street lamps draw the eye into the northeast corner of the Louvre courtyard. Also available in color.

Souvenirs And A Smile Paris

Souvenirs and A Smile (2:3)

Souvenir stand along the Quai d'Orsay. Postcards, vintage prints please a passerby. Also available in color.

Paris Roofscapes

Paris Roofscape (2:3)

Bird's eye view east from the mid-deck at the Eiffel Tower. Eye-puzzling monochrome and geometric similarity broken by the angled street. September 2014. Also available in color.

Crèpes Nutella Paris

Crèpes Nutella (2:3)

A favorite dessert at a crèpe stand along Boulevard Montparnasse. Sweet, tender warm dough filled with warm, halzenut chocolate! Yum!

I.M. Pei's Pyramid Paris

I.M. Pei's Pyramid (2:3)

A hint of the old Louvre peaks in at the lower left corner through the I.M. Pei glass pyramid. According to Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code), the remains of Mary Magdalene are buried below the inverted peak. Also available in color.

Refuge des Fondus Paris

Refuge des Fondus (2:3)

The best hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Paris. I've frequented here since 1992. Food served elbow to elbow and drinks served in baby bottle "biberons." 2014. Also available in color.

The 28 Bus Paris

The 28 Bus (2:3)

Parisian evening commute home along the Boulevard Montparnasse. The 28 bus stops momentarily in ever-moving hurried traffic.

Quai des Grands Augustins (1:1)

Row of chic Parisian apartments with spectacular view of Île de la Cité and daily traffic atop and a quiet walking path below along the Seine in the city center. September 2014. Also available in color.

Just Do it Paris

Just Do It (2:3)

Stenciled paint ad on asphalt along Quai François Mitterrand near the Pont des Arts. "If you believe there's nothing, absolutely NOTHING that you can't do, you're one of us. Just do it." Also available in color.

Saint Sulpice Paris

Saint Sulpice (2:3)

The third largest church in Paris, Saint Sulpice stands above Rue du Vieux Colombier rooftops on a bustling Saturday afternoon.

Port Sully (2:3)

Morning ight streams through the entry way into the grand court of the Louvre on a beautiful Saturday in Paris. September 2014.

Rue du Cherche-Midi

Rue du Cherche Midi

Shopping in the cozy 6ème Arr. in boutique shops and mom & pops. A warm September day in Paris.

Before the Fire (2:3)

The famous Nôtre Dame spire mounted on four supports in the back of the church sanctuary dates back to 1220-30, burned to the ground on April 15, 2019. September 2014. Also available in color.

Children At Play Paris

Children At Play 1 (2:3)

Children busy at play on a beautiful September afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Children At Play Paris

Children At Play 2 (2:3)

Children busy at play on a beautiful September afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Children At Play Paris

Children At Play 3 (2:3)

Children busy at play on a beautiful September afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Children At Play Paris

Children At Play 4 (2:3)

Children busy at play on a beautiful September afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Children At Play Paris

Children At Play 5 (2:3)

Children busy at play on a beautiful September afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Boissons Fraîches (2:3)

An eye-catching array of sweets, drinks, and bon bon at the edge of the playscape within the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Louvre Courtyard Alone (2:3)

The strong leading lines and symmetry draw the eye into the northeast corner of the Louvre courtyard. All alone on a September morn in 2014. Also available in color.

Les Vélos (2:3)

Parisians' choice of transportation in front of a student café on Blvd. St. Michel along the 5ème Arr. on a brisk September day. Also available in color.

Escargots & Grenouilles (2;3)

Typified French cuisine at the intimate restaruant, Le Latin, along a narrow pedestrian route, Rue Xavier Privas, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Also available in color.

Louvre Courtyard Wall (2:3)

A perfect quiet place to sit and watch the world come alive. An early morning at the Louvre. Also available in color.

Nôtre Dame Paris

Nôtre Dame from the Seine (2:3)

Approaching Nôtre Dame from on the Seine heading east on a clear, sunny September day. September 2014.

Musée d'Orsay Paris

Alone on the Quai (2:3)

A lone observer looks out on the Seine from Quai d'Orsay in front of the famed Musée d'Orsay. September 2014.

Valleda (2:3)

Created by Étienne Hippolyte Maindron in the 1800s, Valleda is one of 100 + statues in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Also available in color.

Shakespere and Company Paris

Shakespere and Company (2:3)

Iconic English literature store on the left bank since 1951, originally opened (and closed for a time) since 1919. 2014. Also available in color.

.Luxembourg Promenade (2:3)

A leisurely walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg, hearing the fine gravel beneath feet and the wind through the trees in early fall. 2014.

The Ronsard Montmartre Paris

Le Ronsard (2:3)

Dusk and dinner time in the streets of Montmartre at the top of Paris. 2014

Also available in color.

E Bikes Paris

Paris E Bikes (2:3)

E bike rental point along Boulevard St. Michel as an early symbol of the eco-friendly sharing community. 2014.

Also available in color.

Locks of Love Pont des Arts Paris

.Locks of Love Pont des Arts (2:3)

The Locks of Love movement of attaching padlocks to the Pont des Arts 2008-2015. 700,000 locks (the weight of 20 elephants), collapsed part of the bridge and the locks were removed and banned. 2014. Also available in color.